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Insect Control Ascot

Should you require insect control in Ascot, then you’ve come to the right place, the team at Jasperz Pest Control have you covered. We provide a full pest control service in order to treat, exterminate, eliminate or remove unwanted infestations, swarms and nests of insects and other rodents, we offer our services across Ascot and the surrounding areas.

When you choose Jasperz Pest Control in Ascot, trust that you’ve come to the right place, we pride ourselves on providing a fast courteous and efficient pest control service in a discrete way. From one off projects to annual services, we’ll ensure that each and every customer receives a high-quality service.

Insect Pest Control across Ascot

At Jasperz Pest Control, we only use industry approved and recommended chemicals and pesticides, we’ll only apply these to the strict manufacturer’s guidelines, as well as comply with all stringent EC and UK legislation which is centred around the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) whilst using poisonous chemicals.

Choosing Jasperz Pest Control for your insect control means that the service is guaranteed, and our professionally trained and qualified pest controllers work only to the highest standards, as well as keeping you fully informed and updated along the way. For insect control in Ascot and the surrounding areas, look no further, Jasperz Pest Control has you covered.

Pest Control Services

At Jasperz we work within both the commercial and residential sector, so should you require insect control, at your property or premises, simply call our team today. We provide a professional, affordable, effective and safe pest control solution to meet both our domestic and business customers across Ascot.

Our professional pest controllers have worked across Ascot and the surrounding areas for a number of years, we’ve covered simple one-off jobs to fully integrated pest control solutions. The team at Jasperz Pest Control provide full assessments and solutions which will be tailored to your insect pest control requirements.


Insect Control from Jasperz Pest Control

Should you be having insect issues, whether it’s at your commercial property or you require house insect control, our professionals can help. Our infestation process includes a mix of chemical treatment and cleaning, this will usually deal with the infestation. Here are the insects that we can help you with…

  • Ants – Ants aren’t dangerous to human health, but they can be annoying, they tend to crop up during the warmer months of the year and can be difficult to remove when using over the counter products if the colony is well established.
  • Bedbugs – They’re an increasing problem in many parts of the UK, effective treatments include a combination of chemicals, deep cleaning and extreme heat, in some cases infestations may require repeat treatments.
  • Beetles – There’s a number of species of beetle, they don’t pose serious health threats or issues in the UK, but their presence in neutral carpets with natural fibres can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Understanding the life cycle of the common carpet beetle is key to effective eradication.
  • Flies – Pesky flying insects can be found where there’s rotting organic matter, this includes both food and waste. Removing the attractant in the area can often mean the end of a fly infestation, but there’s times when an experienced pest controller is required to deal with larger problems.
  • Woodworm – Like beetles, woodworms can live undetected in wooden furniture or structures of properties, over time the damage done to wooden structures can render them unsafe, treatment is fast and effective for this type of pest control.

Why choose Jasperz Pest Control?

When it comes to pest insect control in Ascot, our aim is to work with you to devise the best and most cost-effective pest control solution. When considering our commercial clients, we recommend a pest control service which includes a long-term commitment, this is to meet stringent health and safety guidelines, environmental health guidelines and much more. At Jasperz Pest Control we provide only the highest standard of services as well as value for money solutions.

For insect control in Ascot, call Jasperz Pest Control today

If you require insect pest control across Ascot, simply contact Jasperz Pest Control today, our professional exterminators can help. For pest and insect control in Ascot and the surrounding areas, there’s no need to go anywhere else, simply call Jasperz Pest Control today.

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