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Wasp treatments in Ascot, Slough and across Windsor

The team at Jasperz have a lifetime of experience dealing with wasps, hornets and Bee issues within both Commercial and Domestic environments.

Stinging and biting insects can be very dangerous and should not be approached by anyone that is not properly trained. They can change mood within a second so if you approach them, particularly a sentry they may well see you as a threat and attack you. 

Handling hornets and wasps is a critical process, especially when there is a huge nest in a tight space within your premises. Our experts are trained on tackling all types of problems caused by wasps safely without causing any disruption to your family or business.

Wasps (and hornets)

Wasps can live in a number of places, in the ground under a hedge or a bush or in a hole in the wall between cavities, in the shed or the loft. Nest and colony sizes will varying according to where it is and how much room there is to expand.

Wasps are pinch waisted so cannot therefore digest solid food Adult Wasps scavenge for wood to turn into paper for nest building and insect or meat matter to feed the grubs on and rely on the 'Nectar' which is the by product excreted by the grubs as their food source.
This certainly ensures that the colony thrives by caring for it's young..



Bees are amazing creatures and completely different than wasps in their disposition focus on life and lifestyle, there are several types of Bee but only one that makes honey. Bumble bees are seen more now as the industry are changing from honey Bees to Bumble Bees to pollinate crops because they are more efficient pollinators.

Bumble bees are generally friendly, they usually live in the ground in small colonies but do pack a punch when interfered with.

Honey Bees are usually very unassuming and they rarely cause issues as far as stings are concerned. BUT. They do create honey for feed etc and its not good to have it in your cavity walls.

Where Honey Bees are concerned, we work with local Beekeepers to save the queens and protect them.

professional pest control in Berkshire and across Windsor

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